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Marble slabs are an elegant addition to any Toronto home, and give an impression of crisp sophistication to guests. Marble is a timeless and beautiful option dating back to ancient Greece.


However, many people who are considering marble for their next home improvement project wonder if marble slabs are high maintenance.


For countertops and home finishes, when properly selected and installed, marble never loses its refined sparkle nor dulls over time.


Marble is versatile in its aesthetic and can be matched to any existing wall or floor colour. Its colourful makeup can range from stark bright white to deep red wine, from luminescent blue to smooth dark onyx. The diverse variety of colours and patterns available to homeowners opens up a world of possibility for its use, and leaves the door open to personal creativity.


Conceived in quarries all over the world, marble is made by stone such as limestone being pressurized for long periods of time. Its natural crystallized appearance is a thing of beauty and hard to ignore. It is naturally bacteria resistant and can be cleaned using a damp cloth and regular household soap. To ensure its pristine beauty is not compromised, marble slab suppliers encourage regular sealing with marble sealant, especially in high-traffic areas. This prevents any long-term damage and protects against signs of wear. Marble can stain, but is uncommon with regular use and proper sealing techniques.