Toronto Marble Slabs for Increasing the Value of the Home

For a kitchen, marble counter and island tops not only brighten a room but are the ideal finishing for those who love to cook. The smooth, bacteria-resistant surface is perfect for baking and cooking, and its heat-resistant feature means never having to worry about leaving a burn mark. It is easily wiped clean and maintains is crisp, clean appearance no matter what damage a household has inflicted with food. Marble floors are durable and elegant, and perfect for any home’s entranceway or foyer. Whether in tile or slab form, marble gleams with a timeless air of sophistication and can be easily swept or mopped to reduce signs of wear through areas of high traffic.


There are many varieties of marble that a homeowner can add to their house depending on the desired vision. The antique look that marble slabs can have is acquired in a few different ways. Occasionally, it can be tumbled with sand to give it a more rugged and aged look, or brushed with a wire brush to give it a scratched surface. Intense heat will cause crystals in the marble to jut out for the flamed appearance, and often a treatment of acid is applied for a more seasoned and weathered look. Traditional marble slabs and tiles have a smooth and polished finish that can be slippery when wet, but are otherwise perfect for entranceways because of their light-reflecting qualities, and lastly, honed marble has a matte finish typical for high-traffic areas that will experience more use.


While marble slabs can be expensive, a homeowner should consider it an investment into the resale of their Toronto home. Marble has been shown to increase the value of a home by thousands of dollars, which is important to keep in mind when selecting the quality of marble to install in a home. Selecting pieces with character and elegance ensures a happy homeowner and a lucrative investment into the future.