Toronto Marble Slabs: Classic Elegance for Your Home

A visit to your local Toronto area marble slabs showroom will offer a unique glimpse at one of the oldest, and most exquisite forms of natural art this world has to offer. The preferred material for sculptors of the ancient, Renaissance, and modern eras, marble is a stone of historically-renowned beauty and elegance.


Countertops with a Lineage


Marble – the English word being a derivative of the Greek root for “shining” or “shimmering stone” – is a metamorphic rock comprised of recrystallized carbonate minerals. It forms when limestone is subject to the combined influences of incredibly intense heat and pressure, and much like any mineral occurrence, the process takes a remarkable amount of time to complete.


While marble is a stone of great strength and beauty, it is also relatively workable as far as stone mediums go, hence its historic popularity as a building material. The vast majority of the world’s modern marble production takes place in its classic and perhaps most storied home of Italy, though China comes in at a relatively close second place.


Unlike granite, with its varied and brilliant patterns and colours, marble slabs offer a much softer and more understated finish for your kitchen or bathroom surfaces. As far as colour is concerned, marble is generally more uniform, and features only some very slight and subtle veining, offering only the most gentle of contrasts to the predominant colour of the slab. Where granite pops and jumps to the eye, marble tends to blend more seamlessly into a room.


Many would consider marble slabs as an option for more mature homeowners, and their opinions would not be entirely unfounded given marble’s natural composition. Potential buyers should be aware that marble countertops are more porous than other surfaces such as granite. Spills should be wiped up without delay in order to best preserve the finish. When spills do occur, they should only be cleaned with warm water and a relatively gentle dish soap. Harder, more industrial cleaning products should be avoided at all costs. Failure to avoid these harsher cleaning products could result in irreparable damage to your marble surfaces. Marble makes up for its vulnerability to stains and spills, however, with its resistance to heat. In the kitchen, marble will stand up to hot pots and pans, and this same near invulnerability to heat makes marble a great choice for a beautiful fireplace surrounding. For those truly concerned with marble’s vulnerability to spills, rest assured, marble is still a fine choice for a truly elegant bathroom.

Marble, then, is an obvious choice for those seeking a classic, elegant look. As always, your best bet is a visit to a local Toronto marble slabs retailer in order to best decide which stone surface is right for you. A quick discussion with an informed and friendly Toronto area marble expert can do wonders to help you make the right decision for your home. An expert can help you with colour, texture, and find the application that is right for you. These people are passionate about their work, and will be more than obliging in answering questions or queries you might have concerning an investment in marble.