Toronto Granite Slabs: For Strength and Beauty

By Mark
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Let us imagine, if only for a brief moment of indulgence, that granite slabs were more than just stone - more than countertops or tiles, more than a beautifully practical facet of so many kitchens and bathrooms in the Toronto area. Let’s pretend granite was a living, breathing thing. What do you see? What lies behind the shimmering, crystalline surface, or in the strong, fluid lines, the flowing colours, and sublime details? In the world of stone surfaces, granite is the embodiment of the Hollywood bombshell, beautiful and bold, a force to be reckoned with.


A Natural Choice

While many Toronto area homeowners dream of the sleek, elegant look granite countertops and tile surfaces bring to any home, few are truly aware that these unique accents in home décor are brought to us by millions of years of geologic activity. An intrusive igneous rock of the felsic variety, granite derives both its beauty and its strength from the slow, natural processes responsible for its fruition.

It is composed primarily of feldspar (hence its felsic categorization), quartz, mica, and amphibole minerals. These elements combine to form interlocking crystals that not only contribute to the strength of granite as a building material, but also endow it with its beautifully unique and varied patterns.

Like other mineral substances, granite is mined in quarries. From these quarries, large, cumbersome blocks of granite are harvested, and these in turn are cut into slabs to be sold later to the consumer. The natural character of granite’s beauty is also responsible, however, for its lack of uniformity. No two slabs are entirely alike, and the consumer would do well to remember that samples provided by suppliers are at best rough representations of what the slab as a whole will look like. In this minor risk, however, there are great rewards, as the consumer is guaranteed to have a product that is completely unique. While different, man-made alternatives to granite slabs may perhaps offer a greater uniformity of character, nothing of the man-made variety can compare to the truly natural and exquisite beauty of a genuine granite countertop.



More than Just a Pretty Face

But granite slabs are so much more than an investment in beauty. While much of the immediate appeal in purchasing a granite countertop derives from the entirely unique and beautiful finish it will bestow upon any room, granite is also an investment in durability that goes almost unparalleled.

Granite surfaces are both scratch and heat resistant, and when properly sealed on an annual basis, are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Granite has a naturally poor primary permeability, which makes it an ideal choice for the commonly damp, and spill-prone confines of kitchens or bathrooms. Its surfaces are naturally antimicrobial and can be cleaned, for the most part, with only soap and water, making granite an ideal choice for those with young families.


The Total Package

Granite: an easy to clean, easy to maintain, durable, and unique beauty for your home. Check out your local Toronto granite slabs supplier for your next renovation project!