Shopping For Natural Stone For Countertops

By Nola

Shopping For Natural Stone For Countertops


What should I be looking for when I am shopping for natural stone for countertops, tiles, etc.?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

Look for the fissures within the stone. Can you feel them? If you can, try to find another stone that looks similar but with less fissures.

Look at the sides and back of the stone. Is there a DARK film on the surface of the stone while the rest is MUCH lighter? It may be colour-enhanced. Inform yourself from your Interstone sales associate.

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8 years ago
I feel that interstone have amazing countertops when it comes natural stone
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8 years ago
Will all these things to look for make a difference? What is colour enhanced natural stone?
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8 years ago
I am in the process of shopping for natural stone myself, and even though I've mentioned before that I dont like the amount of work that it requires in terms of maintenance, I am still very interested in going this route. I say go check out the showroom or the pictures on the Interstone website....there's so much information available on there and it's been a helpful resource.