Quartz vs Granite which is more environmentally friendly?

By Nola

I have been looking into redoing my Ottawa home in a way that would be more environmentally friendly. I want to start redoing the kitchen soon and would like to know which of the two, Quartz or Granite, is more environmentally friendly when it comes to the process of manufacturing or harvesting raw materials.


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

The truth is, neither material is that environmentally friendly, but quartz may be a just a little more eco-friendly than granite.  Both granite and quartz involve mining, which changes the landscape permanently and contributes to deforestation.   There are chemicals used when creating quartz, which actually are a type of silicate mineral that bonds by using resins, fillers, and coloring.  The countertop fabricators who inhale the dust emitted when cutting the quartz can get very sick too!