Quartz Compac vs Quartzite

I have been looking into different materials for counter tops and I have a question regarding the different types of material you can use for counter tops. What is the difference between Quartz Compac and Quartzite?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Compac is simply a brand name, but you’re asking an excellent question regarding the difference between Quartz and Quartzite.

o Quartz is a man-made (engineered) countertop material. It is made of crushed stone, some color, and anywhere between 5% - 12% resin, epoxy, and glue to bind these materials. This creates the hard material that it is.

o Quartzite is a natural stone that used to be a form of sandstone with high natural quartz content. With heat and compression underground, everything crystalizes and bonds together. Some quartzites are opaque while others have a translucence ideal for backlighting. Many quartzites can be actually harder than many granites as well.