Outdoor Backyard Countertop Renovation in Toronto

I am currently renovating the backyard of my home in Toronto and would like to add a countertop to my deck to help with my summer barbecues. I was wondering what the best material for my outdoor countertop would be. I want to make sure it survives the harsh Toronto winter!


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

Personally, granite would be my choice for an outdoor kitchen.  Granite has been exposed to the elements for ages, hasn’t it?  On the other hand, some of the most durable statues were sculpted from marble. But marble is much more porous that most granites and quartzites.  For an outdoor feature, natural stone is paramount.  Make sure your natural stone of choice is properly and often sealed and it should last a lifetime. Come to see us at Interstone Marble and Granite for one-on-one service and ideas. We have a showroom in Toronto

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8 years ago
I say check out the showroom in Toronto and go from there.