Marble tiles thick or thin?

I know there are many different types of marble tiles and they vary in style, thickness and dimensions. I was wanting to know how much impact on durability thin tiles have vs thick tiles. Does one style tend to last longer than the other or is it just preference?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

Thinner tiles are generally used as wall tiles and thicker ones are primarily used for floors.   Floor tiles can be used on walls too, but wall tiles should never be put on a floor.  Thicker tiles, obviously, have more density than thinner ones.  To address caution, polished tiles are slippery especially if the floor gets wet. To have more traction, I would choose a honed or wax finish for the floors and keep the polished tiles for the walls. Interstone Marble and Granite boasts a fabulous selection for you to peruse.

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8 years ago
Definitely thicker ones on the floor! I used to rent a house where the basement floor tiles were really thin and it was freezing in there all the time. We were always needing to wear shoes inside.