Marble Tile Colours Toronto

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Marble Tile Colours Toronto


When purchasing marble tiles for my home in Toronto, what should I be considering to make sure that I pick the correct one for me?

What marble tile colours should I be looking for?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

Bring samples home with you and try them out in the area(s) you want to use the tiles to see if they go with their surroundings.


Also, consider how much traffic there is in the area, because that will affect the color and durability of the tiles and how easily they are to clean. Make sure that they are sealed regularly too – more so floor tiles than wall tiles.


I would go with matte tiles on my floors and the polished ones for my walls. Slip and fall accidents are no fun!

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8 years ago
I think it has to do with personal preference but im no expert!
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8 years ago
I am wondering the same thing...I have just started the whole renovation process and im in the process of choosing a bunch of different things around the house. From backsplashes to tiles and natural stone.
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9 years ago
Are there certain tiles that work better for high traffic kitchens or bathrooms? Or certain marble tiles that should not be used for specific rooms?