Marble Slabs for Toronto Homeowners is Nature’s Own Art

Marble Slabs for Toronto Homeowners

Many people go in to painstaking detail when they choose how to decorate and personalize their homes with art – picking the right painting, or selecting the right sculpture to display – but it probably does not occur to most that Mother Nature is one of our greatest artists. Evidence can be found when looking at one of her greatest masterpieces – marble.

Used in many types of construction for over 2000 years, marble is a tried and true way to add elegance and timeless beauty to any home.  Consider turning your house into a gallery of nature’s art using widely available Toronto marble slabs for many different purposes: flooring, countertops, even fireplaces – and the list goes on!


Brush Strokes on Marble Slabs

Think of a marble slab like a canvas painted with Mother Nature’s brush strokes.  Marble is probably best known in its common pearly white colour – but other colours are added to the palette with the help of accessory minerals. Just as a painter would mix two or more colours of paint to achieve a certain shade, accessory minerals inflect marble with shades of red, green, yellowy browns, and black. 

While the colour variation may be minimal compared to a stone-like granite, the unevenness of these accessory minerals throughout a marble slab helps to create the nuanced patterns that make marble truly fascinating.  Marble slabs possess a small crystalline structure but the distinct patterns in veining – some of which are wildly unique – bring to mind the prized paintings and detailed sculptures housed in Toronto’s famed art galleries.  Much in the same way art can be abstract – subtly conveying a feeling or emotion – so too can Toronto marble slabs, and suppliers will help you choose the right pieces for your home.