Marble Slab in Toronto

I want to install marble slab countertops, but I’m wondering about the price differences I’m finding while researching Toronto stone suppliers. Why do the prices vary so much?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Supply and demand dictates the price of all natural stones; so if the material is easily sourced out and there’s a lot of it, it will be less expensive by raw square foot. That is to say, the scarcity of a particular colour or type of marble or granite comes at a higher price. Also the prices have no bearing on the locales from which the stone comes. Here, at Interstone Marble and Granite, we source out and provide the fabricators with a wide range of top-quality stone to use for your countertops. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through all of the steps and price ranges available to help you select the best product for you.
Marble has no equal in beauty and will add value to your home.
Fabricators’ prices can also vary depending on how difficult it is to cut the stones and install them. Also, some fabricators have a higher overhead than others due to their equipment, employees, electricity etcetera.