Marble Slab in the GTA

Is there anyone who has purchased white marble slab in the GTA that can tell me about their experience with it? I love the look of it, but some of the things I am reading make me wonder if it’s too high-maintenance.


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
My husband and I decided to install a white Calacatta marble slab countertop in the kitchen last year when we renovated, and we love it – but we wondered the same thing at first. We got our stone from Interstone Marble and Granite and we talked to the friendly staff there a number of times before making up our minds to go for it. I have to say that we have no regrets. But I also think it depends on what you like.
Our countertop makes the kitchen look amazing. It reflects the light beautifully, especially in the morning, and it makes me feel like a fantastic chef, even though I’m not! We are quite diligent about mopping up spills and little messes as they happen but, if we had small kids, I’m not sure it would be for us because marble is softer and more porous than many other kinds of countertop materials, spills and scratches will “etch” it. Picture your kids eating spaghetti on your beautiful white Calacatta marble surfaces. There you go.
On the other hand, stains can add to the marble’s patina and is incomparable in beauty over time. In many parts of Italy, if Mama’s marble countertop has a lot of food stains she can’t get out, Mama must be a good cook. It’s all in how you look at it.

However, if you’re diligent about quickly wiping up spills and you don’t mind spending an hour or two once or twice a year resealing it, and it’s a very easy process, your stone has less of a chance to stain as deeply as if it were unsealed. We, at Interstone Marble and Granite, recommend and sell excellent Fila Brand products including cleaners that should help you remove stains.