Marble slab for GTA homes will never go out of style

By Nola

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has long been considered as one of prestige and wealth, and as such many of the homes reflect an air of success and prominence. While décor, landscaping, and window treatments can all provide a visually pleasing experience from the outside for those who pass by, it’s what’s inside that counts, just like with people. There are a great deal of items that can be used to improve the appearance and intrigue of your living space, but few can rival the incredible luxury of marble slab.


Fun Fact: Perhaps one of marble’s greatest claims to fame is its use in some of the world’s most important structures and artistic works. From England's Salisbury Cathedral, to Roman Emperor bathhouses, to artist Michelangelo’s iconic sculpture “David”, this natural stone has been employed to represent prestige and sophistication.


As popular today as it was thousands of years ago, marble enjoys a reputation for being classic and timeless. What does this mean for your GTA home? It means that when you use marble slab, you are using a material that will remain popular and in fashion forever.


What are the top three reasons marble slab for GTA homes will never go out of style?

  1. Longevity – Marble slab has been known in the world over to last thousands of years, although deterioration certainly occurs without proper upkeep. By comparison, wooden floors, no matter how well preserved, will rarely last longer than a decade or two before looking tired and worn. With adequate care and a regular finish applied to the surface, marble flooring will certainly be the last thing you will ever need to install.
  2. Natural Beauty – It can be difficult to set yourself apart these days, but marble slab take all the guesswork out of trying to be unique. With many shades and hues to choose from depending on the part of the world the marble slab is mined from, the natural patterns in the stone combine to create a one-of-a-kind artwork.
  3. Elegance – Long associated with culture and style, marble slab, especially flooring, has been a beacon of class and sophistication for thousands of years. In more modern times it has been used to grace the homes of royalty and celebrities, as well as government and private sector offices. With marble flooring in your GTA home, you too can experience the comfort and beauty that comes from incorporating this gorgeous stone.
While marble slab does come with a slightly higher price tag than several of its competitors do, mainly wood and linoleum, it is guaranteed to last far longer and provide your GTA home with far more years of style than traditional materials. It is always important to remember that you get what you pay for and the cheap installation of a substandard product today will certainly warrant additional upgrades in the future.