Marble Slab Design Trends in Toronto

Marble is much more than a material; it is timeless, iconic and leaves a legacy. The stone spans generations back to ancient Greece and is prominently found in Hellenic architecture and sculpture. It regained popularity during the enlightenment with great artists like Donatello and Michelangelo. Marble is appreciated everywhere for its smoothness and it's properties. 17th century Mughal emperor Shah Jahan loved the timeless beauty of marble and commissioned a mausoleum in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mah, completely out of marble. The structure is known worldwide as the Taj Mahal.


Types of Marble


Marble is derived from the Greek word “marmaron”, which means, “shining stone” or “crystalline rock”. It’s basically a rock made of the non-foliated metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, which usually consists of calcite or dolomite. There are over 3000 varieties of marble, most of which come in shades of whites, beiges, creams and greys, with rarer marbles coming in pinks and greens. Marble is categorized into groups.

Marble Color Country
Carrara marble white or blue-gray Italy
Connemara marble green Ireland
Creole marble white and blue/black United States
Etowah marble pink, salmon, rose United States
Murphy marble white United States
Parian marble white Greece
Pentelic marble[7] white Greece
Purbeck marble gray/brown United Kingdom
Ruskeala marble white Russia
Rușchița marble[8] white, pinkish, reddish Romania
Sienna marble[9] yellow with violet, red, blue or white veins Italy
Bianco Sivec white Macedonia
Swedish green marble green Sweden
Sylacauga marble white United States
Vermont marble white United States
Yule marble uniform pure white United States
Wunsiedel marble white Germany
Makrana marble white India

Marble is Everywhere!


Marble has been in the spotlight this year as technology allows for more refined printing and processing; not on the marble itself, but on other mediums to achieve a marbled affect. One can find marble inspired prints in the fashion industry, with marble printed suits by designer Jil Sander, or in tableware and crockery by designers like Bethan Gray. Marble patterns are popping up in stationary and on calendars, wallpapers, posters and planners by artists like Selma Lamai. Marble is a key influencer in design, textiles and fashion.


A Modern Take on Marble Slab


While marble is considered a traditional medium and found throughout history, it is still current and trendy. Marble can add luxury and elegance to any room, its sophisticated aesthetic is unmatched by any other material, and it doubles as both a statement and an investment. One can find modern marble styles peppered throughout design magazines or design focused websites like Dezeen, Pinterest, House and Home, etc. For a current look, marble slabs and tiles are being cut and arranged in geometric shapes. Designers like Haisa are slicing the slabs into choppy pieces to create show stopping dramatic tiles.


Shape it Up with a Marble Slab


This year is all about shapes, with beautiful Bianco Carrara pieces in sleek hexagonal, basket weave and herringbone patterns. But, the true beauty of a marble slab Toronto is that no matter the time or trend, marble never goes out of fashion and is here to stay!