Marble and granite hardness ratings, which is better?

By Mark

I have heard that there are different ratings in stone hardness for both granite and marble stones. How do I know which is suitable for certain areas in my home? Will one type of hardness rating be better in one area than the other? Say the kitchen vs the bathroom?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

Indeed there are different ratings in stone hardness, marble being one of the softer materials and granite being quite a bit harder than marble.  Most quartzites are just as hard if not harder than granite.  In my opinion, I would go with granite in my kitchen and marble in my bathroom.  Granite (Mohs scale = 7 or so) is less apt to stain than is marble (Mohs scale =3 – 5); but bear in mind that darker granites stain considerably less than whiter granites.  Logically, you are more likely to stain something in the kitchen rather than in the bathroom.  Come to Interstone Marble and Granite and view the vast array of countertop material we have available to you.  Our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates are happy to guide you through this process.