Ideal Thickness For Granite Kitchen Countertops

By Flux

Ideal Thickness For Granite Kitchen Countertops


What is the ideal thickness for granite countertops to make it look the best in my kitchen?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

In my personal opinion, 3cm (1 ¼ inch) slabs are best for your kitchens because you put heavy pots and pans on your countertops and you likely will have an overhang for a breakfast area. 

The 2 cm slabs are excellent to make a feature wall because they are lighter, therefore easier to “hang” onto your wall.  They are also good for bathroom vanities, as you don’t put heavy stuff on the counter in your bathroom.

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8 years ago
I'm assuming granite is a natural stone it just differs in attributes compared to other types like marble
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8 years ago
Granite seems like it would go nicely in the kitchen...this is probably a silly question but, would granite be considered a natural stone?