How Much Stone Backsplash Should I Order?

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I am purchasing a stone back splash that I shall be installing myself in my kitchen. How much extra should I be purchasing if I want to cover 20 square feet? Is there a rule of thumb that I can follow whenever I order stone back splashes?



By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
At Interstone Marble and Granite, we like to think that the rule of thumb when buying materials is 15% – 20% extra for wastage. If you have a bit left over from the installation, it’s a good idea to hang onto it just in case something should happen. Natural stone can vary in color, therefore, if you need more, your material may be discontinued or from a different batch thus not matching with your existing stone. Have fun with your project! I’m sure you’re going to love it.
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9 years ago
Ordering extra stone backsplash is awesome advice!
I cant imagine what it would be like to not have back ups in case something were to occur. Yup extra stone backsplash is a must!