Heated Stone Tile Flooring

By Nola

Toronto winters can be really unpleasant, making my kitchen floor really chilly, especially in the mornings. I want to redo the floors that I have in my kitchen with entirely new tile and add on heated floors as well. What would be the best type of stone for me to use in my kitchen for heated flooring?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Heated floors can be done with any natural stone. Using granite may be one of the best choices for kitchens because it is more difficult to scratch than if you used marble. Opt for a honed or wax finish; you get more traction thus minimizing slip and fall injuries that can occur anytime; predominantly if the flooring gets wet. Don’t forget to seal it regularly to keep it as impermeable as possible. But if you are thinking ceramic or porcelain tiles, porcelain is your better bet because it is denser and the colour goes right through should it ever chip. Interstone Marble and Granite boasts a wide selection for you to choose from. Enjoy your heated floors!