Heat Resistant Countertop

I just bought a small bachelor pad in Toronto and I am looking to do some renovations. When I cook, I want to have the ability to put any dish from the stove on to my counter top without worrying about putting a hot mat. Is there a heat resistant countertop material that will enable me to do that?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Firstly, please note that “heat resistant” does not mean “heat proof”. Nothing is perfect. I would not recommend you to directly apply hot items on any surface. Especially if your stone has a multitude of natural fissures, which are natural cracks that bond within the stone formation. That being said, some denser and more uniform granites can tolerate direct heat. If you do end up putting something from the oven directly on your counter, be sure not to put the hot object on a seam because seams are made with resins which are heat conductive.