Granite Slabs for Toronto Homes: Edge Profiles

We’re thinking of renovating our kitchen and installing granite slab countertops. What’s the best way to choose an edge profile?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
There are a number of ways to customize any granite slab countertop. Of course, each piece of stone is unique, so by choosing granite, you have already ensured that your kitchen will be graced by a beautiful, natural element. The colour and pattern of your stone will give it character and your options range from neutral tones to vivid colours with bold patterning. Interstone Marble and Granite boasts a wide array of top-quality stones for you to choose from.

Next, you’ll need to choose a finish. Fabricators will finish granite with polished, honed or specialty finishes. Polished is the most popular, and creates the glossy sheen that brings out depth and colour. Honed or leathered / antiqued finishes give you a matter countertop with no sheen. Finally, you will need to select an edge profile. Ask your stone fabricator about edge profile options.