Granite Slabs Fabrication in the GTA

What is meant by “fabrication” for granite slab countertops? Do I need a “fabricator,” and if so, how do I find one in the GTA?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Granite is the number one choice for countertops in the Greater Toronto Area. This versatile, beautiful stone is perfect for kitchen or bathroom, and adds value to any home. Because of the stone’s durability and versatility, you can find a granite slab that will work in any type of design scheme. However, before shopping for granite slab countertops, it’s a good idea to be aware of the steps involved:

• Fabrication. The process of making the countertop the right size and customizing it for your home is called fabrication. We, at Interstone Marble and Granite sell the slabs to the fabricators because they have the equipment to carry the stones to make your vision come true. To choose a fabricator, you can use your favorite search engine and type in “Toronto Granite Fabricators”, You can also ask your family and neighbors if they had their countertops done, who did they choose, did they like the fabricator, and why. The fabricator you choose will come to your kitchen and make a layout for your slab. He or she will measure where to cut the stone for sink, etc., and discuss edge treatments.

• Choose and “tag” (reserve) your granite. Because granite slab countertops are so popular, there are now many outlets selling the stone. However, it’s best to stick with a company like Interstone that specializes in stone distribution and has many quality stones for you to choose from. Your stone is sold directly to a fabricator, who will purchase it on your behalf.

• Installation. Finally, your fabricator will install the stone, matching any seams and making your new countertop a centrepiece for your home. They will install your countertop for you and you pay for the finished and installed product.