Granite Slab for Toronto Kitchens

It seems like every article about kitchen renovation that I read mentions installing granite countertops. Why is granite so popular?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Granite is simply one of the best and most beautiful countertop materials around. Toronto homebuyers list granite slab countertops as a top selling point, and most experts recommend installing granite slab kitchen countertops as the number one renovation to make if you’re thinking of selling your house. But choose granite countertops whether or not you plan to resell. Interstone Marble and Granite offers a wide selection to choose from. Granite is perfectly suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms, combining the advantages of many other countertop materials.

• Naturally beautiful. Each granite slab is a unique and original work of art by Mother Nature. No two pieces of stone are exactly the same.

• Extreme durability. A granite countertop can last a lifetime and beyond. Granite can withstand some hot temperatures and is more scratch resistant, stain resistant and harder than is marble. That being said, just to be safe and to protect my investment, I would still use trivets and cutting boards when preparing food.

• Colours. Granite is available in almost every colour imaginable, from jet-black to silvery-white, from exotic blues, reds and golds to neutral tones like cream, beige and brown.

• Patterns. Granite patterning ranges from dramatic to subtle. Opt for bold accents if you want a “wow” effect, or go for a gentle softer pattern for a more uniform look.

• Customizing. Different finishes and edge treatments can change the appearance of the stone significantly. Polished finishes bring out the stone’s natural shine, leaving the countertop satiny-smooth and glossy, while leathered / antiqued or honed finishes give the stone a softer, subtler look. You can also customize the edge treatment of your granite slab, opting for a modern-looking reverse bevel, or a more traditional ogee edge. Talk to your fabricator about edges once you choose your stone.