Granite Slab Countertops in the GTA

Help! We want granite countertops, but aren’t sure where to source them in the GTA.


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Because of the popularity of granite slab countertops, many “no-frills” sources for stone have cropped up in the Toronto area in recent years. However, you’ll want to balance price point against other factors such as stone quality to ensure that you get the countertop you want. The best source for quality granite is a stone distributor. Interstone Marble and Granite insists on top-quality stone and has a larger selection than many distributors have.

A stone countertop can last a lifetime and will add value to your home. (In fact, experts cite a granite countertop as the number one upgrade to do if you plan to resell your home.

• Variety. Look for a stone outlet with a warehouse filled with all types of stone slab. You’ll be amazed at the range of choice available, from neutral slabs with subtle patterning to intense jewel-toned exotic granites.

• Expertise. Interstone Marble and Granite sources its own granite, with staff who can tell you about the quarries the stone comes from. Know what you’re buying.

• Welcoming atmosphere. Selecting your stone slab might take a while. Be sure you feel at home and at ease while you’re making up your mind.

• Track record. Choose a company that’s been around for several years and that has a record of quality service.
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9 years ago
These are all things everyone needs to keep in mind when shopping around for granite slabs countertops. One thing I hate is being rushed to make a decision...especially for something like granite
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9 years ago
very interesting information. It's so difficult to find a good source for granite countertops in the GTA. There are are so many options available, so many different companies offering the same thing. These are awesome tips to keep in mind for sure!