Granite and Marble Slabs for Toronto Kitchens

We’re trying to sell our house. What can we do to make sure we get the best price for it?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
 Toronto’s housing market has been booming for years now, with even modest houses fetching prices that were once unheard-of. If you’re planning to sell your home, experts will tell you that the upgrade that will give you the greatest return is the kitchen. A kitchen can make or break a house sale; it can drag down your asking price, or it can be a selling point.

There are a few simple upgrades that will help make your kitchen irresistible:

• Install a stone countertop. This is the most important point. Studies prove that a natural granite or marble slab countertop can add tens of thousands of dollars onto a home’s resale value. Of all the home improvements you can do, installing granite or marble slabs as countertops in the kitchen is the one with the best return on investment. Check out the vast variety of quality stones at Interstone Marble and Granite.

• Create a spacious feel. Arrange or remodel the kitchen so as to create as much open space as possible. No one likes a crowded kitchen!

• Install high quality appliances. New appliances are a major selling point. Stainless steel appliances look clean, current and efficient.

• Fresh paint. This may seem like a small thing, but a new coat of paint can make a tremendous difference.

• Lighting. Finally, make sure that your upgrades are highlighted by installing great lighting.

You can choose granite or marble slab countertops in Toronto by visiting a quality stone distributor such as Interstone Marble and Granite. This company has knowledgeable staff to help guide you through the process and insists on top quality products. Spend a little on the kitchen, and gain a lot on the resale!