Granite and Marble Slab in Toronto

By Nola

Can anyone help? I want something dramatic for the kitchen countertops of our house in the Annex in Toronto, but don’t know if granite or marble slab is best, or if I should go for engineered stone.


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Every type of countertop material has its advantages. But, if it’s an older house, I always think natural stone looks more authentic than engineered stone. As far as drama goes, granite is available in all sorts of vivid colours and patterns, but marble is so luxurious-looking that it’s dramatic without trying very hard! Marble is more porous than is granite, making it less stain resistant than granite. Engineered stone is easier to clean and doesn’t need sealing, but it also doesn’t have the “life” that natural stones exude.

Both granite and marble can be polished to a high gloss or given a honed or leathered finish. There are a number of specialty finishes that may be available to you, too. The dramatic look you’re seeking might be the result of a combination of factors: the stone’s natural colour and patterning along with the finish and edging that you choose. And, of course, you can create drama with the way you position the stone and how you light it.

By that same token, there’s something wonderful about the patina that marble gains with use over time. Stone slabs are sealed before they are installed. They will require resealing, but it’s a job you can do yourself in about an hour, once or twice a year.
The knowledgeable and friendly customer service agents at Interstone Granite and Marble will be happy to help guide you through this process.

Whether you choose marble or granite, a natural stone slab counter adds a great deal of resale value to any home.