Granite and Marble Slab GTA - The Odd Couple of Natural Stone

By Nola

Remember the classic movie The Odd Couple? The trope of two friends who appear to be totally different forming a lasting bond has been used and reused throughout popular culture for decades.


Most of the time, the relationship works because, deep down, the two are not nearly as different as they appear.


Believe it or not, the theme of appearing opposite but sharing the best qualities applies to renovation materials as well as classic cinema character combinations.


Take those definitive staples of expert builders and craftsmen throughout history: granite and marble slab. GTA distributors who deal in natural stone renovation products usually carry both of these precisely because they know that marble and granite slabs are two of the best choices for renovating your home, bar none.


They also know that these two seemingly different stone products are actually both similar in the traits and composition that make them great.


  • Granite, for instance as flooring or exterior granite blocks is renowned for its toughness and durability. Granite is practically a byword for resiliency. When people choose to incorporate granite into their kitchen renovation or bathroom remodelling job, they know that it’s a task they won’t have to repeat, because the end result will last a lifetime. No matter what daily wear-and-tear your new granite kitchen counters are faced with, you know they’re up for the challenge. Luckily for you, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty and style to get that famous strength. Granite is available in a dazzling array of colours and shades, and its trademark variety of intricate geometric patterns gives every granite fixture its own mesmerizing depth and beauty. When you renovate your home with granite, you get world-famous strength and lifelong durability, but also beautiful style and stunning elegance.


  • Marble, on the other hand, has been the stone of choice for artisans, craftsmen and builders when they want to build something of unquestionable beauty and elegance. From world-famous monuments to everyday marble wall tiles or marble countertops, it’s the product of choice when aesthetics trump all else. The mere mention of marble conjures images of palatial abodes and luxurious ballrooms, and all of that is brought to bear on even the most understated marble bathroom vanity. None of its beauty and elegance would be worth very much if things built of marble were prone to easy damage and destruction. Rather, it is astonishingly resilient, and your new marble floor tiles or exterior marble brickwork will stand up to the toughest conditions, all while looking magnificent.


When renovating with granite and marble slab, GTA distributors know that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for strength, nor strength for beauty. Rather, any home renovation project you tackle using either of these two deservedly famous materials will leave you with a finished product that brings class and beauty to any room in your home, and will continue to look good decades after the work has finished.