Custom Mosaic Tile Bathroom Floors

By Flux
We’re building our dream home, and would like to make custom mosaic tile spreads in each of our three bathrooms. We’ve seen a few designs online, and are looking for a natural stone distributor for GTA bathroom renovations. Would Interstone be able to provide different mosaic samples before we purchase everything for our bathrooms?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Santa Cecilia granite is indeed a beautiful stone that can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, so the choice is yours. If you wish, you can do both at the same time as this will maximize the use of your slab(s). Doing this can save you money as well. We do not sell slabs to the general public; we only sell to fabricators as they are the ones best equipped to handle said slabs. Besides, you are looking to purchase a finished product aren’t you? We cannot refer you to fabricators as this would constitute a conflict of interest; but if you have a contractor, they can refer you to fabricators that they trust. Ask your friends, neighbors, and family who did their renovation. Did they like their fabricator, and why. You can also do an internet search for fabricators in your area. Check their BBB score and read the testimonials.
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9 years ago
I agree, Mosaic tiles for the bathroom floors would make for a very elegant touch
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9 years ago
Very informative answer. :) Mosaic tiles in the bathroom seem like a beautiful addition