Creative Uses For Marble and Granite

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Creative Uses For Marble and Granite 




What are some creative and interesting ways that I can use stones like marble and granite in/around my home in Toronto?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

I own a Carrara marble paper towel holder and a cheese cutting board. For fun, you could find some marble handles for your cupboard doors. Coffee tables, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, carvings and statues are some of the interesting ways to use marble in your home in Toronto.


Here at Interstone Marble and Granite, we sell slabs that fabricators buy to create the coffee tables, fireplace surrounds, floor tiles and backsplashes for you.

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8 years ago
Agreed, I've been researching ways to use marble and granite throughout the house. I've been needing to revamp the house for a while and the more I research the more excited I become about renovating
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8 years ago
I love marble accents throughout my Toronto home! They offer a chic modern touch in every room!