Can granite countertops scratch?

We just recently installed granite counter tops in our home. When cooking, I typically like using a chopping board to make sure that my countertop does not get damaged (before, I used to have Formica). But, a friend of mine mentioned that granite countertops do not scratch easily. Is this true? Can I get rid of my chopping board and begin using my counters instead of the chopping board without fear of damaging them?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Personally, I wouldn’t throw away my chopping board quite yet. Some granite can scratch less than others because of their density; other granite can scratch quite easily. And by the way, just to be safe, I wouldn’t put direct heat on a bare countertop either. You’re spending good money for your material, so, to be cautious and to protect your investment, using a cutting board and trivets is highly recommended. It’s a good rule of thumb that it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.