What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Colour of Granite Slab for Your GTA Home

When choosing a granite slab for your GTA home, one of the biggest selling points is colour. Granite comes in a seemingly infinite amount of colour choices, and choosing a slab can be one of the most difficult tasks when redesigning a room. Though personal preference will always come first, there are other variables that buyers must consider before choosing their perfect slab.

Where is the granite going?

This should be the first question you ask yourself when looking for the perfect granite slab. Granite can be used in almost any room in the house, but the colour preference will change depending on the room.
If placing a granite slab in the bathroom, consider the level of impact in the area. Bathroom counter space is in constant high demand, being the place in the house where makeup is applied and taken off, soaps and appliances are constantly left, and strong cleaning solvents are often present. Darker granite slabs may be preferred in this area; the colour will show less of the residue normally left on counters, and the high amount of light in bathrooms will emphasize the stone’s natural shimmer.
Similarly, kitchen countertops are always in constant use. These counters are constantly being worked on, spilled on, and used as a storage place for many household items. Though light granite gives the impression of a beautifully clean workspace, the porous surface is also highly likely to absorb acidic liquids like ketchup or red wine and permanently stain the area. Consider how likely you are to deeply clean the counter on a weekly basis, and decide if such an easily stainable colour is right for this area.

Is it possible the granite’s location will be changed again in the future?

As trends change, so do household layouts. It is important to consider the lifespan of the colour you choose. Bathroom renovations are commonplace, and some fixtures may need replacing long before the granite will. Colour coordinating your toilet or shower to the granite may be difficult if the stone includes many colour variations or is in a single dominant colour like blue or green. If visual aesthetic is important, the granite colour may end up becoming more pivotal than paint, fixtures or the general theme.
The same rule applies in the kitchen for granite colouring. It is undeniably easier to change the colour of cabinets, appliances and household wares before the colour of the granite countertop. Consider the age and state of the rest of the kitchen before choosing a final slab colour, as it will likely exist long after the family stove or refrigerator.  
The limitless variety of granite slab colours is one of the natural stone’s biggest selling features. From crystal clear white, to bright red and deep black, there is an infinite array of choices. It is important to remember that granite is a porous rock that can absorb the colours that come from makeup, dyes and all other general spills. Consider where the slab will be placed in your home, as well as the potential for the room to be renovated again before investing in your perfect slab. Bright pink counters may seem like the perfect choice now, but they will become a costly mistake when you change your mind. Consider using a granite slab for your next GTA home renovation.