Buying Granite and Marbles Slabs Offer Natural Beauty to Toronto Homeowners

Torontonians face a multitude of choices when it comes to how they choose to furnish their homes. The options may seem overwhelming initially, but research shows that for the majority of customers, buying granite and marble slabs are the most popular choices, especially for heavily used surfaces.

Differences Between Granite and Marble

Granite is formed by liquid magma, the molten rock that is cooled down deep within the earth’s crust into a substance similar in durability to diamond. Granite may appear monochromatic at first glance, but a closer look will reveal a range of rich and varied colours. Marble, on the other hand is a metamorphic rock made out of limestone which has undergone tremendous pressure for long periods of time and is usually one solid colour or two different colours. Both are excavated from the earth in enormous blocks, cut into slabs, and later tiles. A sure way to distinguish granite from marble is the existence of crystals in the former. Also, granite usually comes in larger slabs due to its strength. Marble is a more homogenous and compact rock which may show slight veining and has a softer appearance. The colour variation is very small.

The Wonder of Granite

Granite is the most popular of all the stones, especially for kitchens in Toronto, because of its durability. Its popularity has now spread to vanity tops, furniture pieces and coffee tables. It’s easy to see why. This unique naturally-occurring stone is as functional as it is beautiful. Its crisp appearance lends an air of sophistication to any residence while its striking colours and patterns offer an unparalleled beauty throughout the home. Not only that; granite is resistant to stains, chipping, cracking, mold, mildew and germs! Granite consistently outperforms all other materials as a kitchen countertop material due to its inherent practicality and unique sumptuousness. Many customers are now choosing granite fireplace surrounds due to its heat resistant and durable nature. Granite vanity tops and faucet tops have increased exponentially in popularity over the past decade in Toronto, not only for self-builds but also for home upgrades and renovations.

The Beauty and Elegance of Marble

One characteristic of marble which makes it so in demand is its ability to take a very high polish. Marble allows homeowners to add an air of luxury and elegance by evoking historical art and architecture while remaining affordable and practical. Marble’s classic beauty offers a white brightness which is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Marble slab edges may be customized to every taste, including a bevel top, broken edge and waterfall, making it a perfect choice for a range of fixtures including vanity countertops, wall coverings, tub decks and showers, foyers, fireplace facings, table tops, hearths and windowsills.
Every slab of granite and marble is a natural masterpiece, a wonder of natural architecture which imparts a bespoke beauty to every area of the home.  If you are looking for an element of sophistication which offers remarkable durability and affordable embellishment, then look no further than buying marble and granite slabs in Toronto.