Before you Buy, Learn How to Choose a Natural Stone Slabs in Toronto

Looking to Buy Natural Stone Slabs for Your Toronto Renovation Project?
Natural stone slabs are a great option to consider when you are planning any renovations in Toronto. Natural stone is timeless, durable, versatile, heat resistant and can be a great conversation piece.  Marble, granite, and quartz are all great examples of natural stones that are used in various applications through the home.

Types of Natural Stone



Marble has been a classic choice for hundreds of years for builders and sculptors alike. Whether you want a new countertop, bathroom sink or a gorgeous tiled floor, marble is often thought of. Its characteristic swirls and veins of varying colours are created by minerals such as clay, silt, sand, iron and serpentine.


Granite is one of the oldest types rocks found on earth, with some of the oldest being found in Minnesota, USA. It is composed primarily of quartz, feldspar or mica, and the variation of minerals is what determines its colour. Instead of swirls or veins (like marble), granite is described as being grainy, with a more speckled look to it. It is scratch resistant, which makes it great for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.


As a relatively newer product, quartz countertops are engineered-stone countertops formed from natural quartz and other resins and pigments. Since it is an engineered product, you have the advantage of having a wide array of different colours and patterns to choose from to ensure that you get the perfect stone that fits you! As well, quartz is engineered to have a strong granite-like surface and it is less likely to crack, making it ideal in a kitchen setting.
Each type of natural stone described above is most often sold as solid slabs, which are then cut into the exact dimensions and styling you prefer.

Which slab is right for you?

Deciding which natural stone slab to go with can be a daunting decision, as each has its own unique blend of attributes and qualities.
You will need to ask yourself the following questions:
  1. What room are you going to be using it in?
  2. Is it a high-traffic area?
  3. Will it be around a heat source?
  4. What is my budget?

Distinguishing Different Types of Materials

Being able to tell the different types of stone apart is very important. Some quick facts are:
  • Quartz will have a more uniform look. Being a man-made product, quartz will have less variation throughout the slab, whereas marble and granite have more variations and slab-for-slab can be quite different.
  • Check the colouring. For a marble to granite comparison, marble will more likely have green, yellow, pink, gray, cream and perhaps even blues throughout. Stark colours such as turquoise, orange or black can signify granite instead.
You can also use this handy video guide for distinguishing the various types of stone. Once you have decided on the type of stone you would like to buy, visiting a stone slab retailer in Toronto should be your next step. There, you can view the different types of materials they offer, purchase sealants, and have any outstanding questions answered. You can then source a fabricator to cut your raw stone slab to size and install it for you. You should always source your materials from a highly reputable company. These pieces are often thought of as unique works of art, and you should find a company that thinks the same. With proper care and the right sealant, your natural stone slabs should last you countless years to come.