Finding a Natural Stone Slab in Toronto to Buy: Bring out the Natural Beauty of Your Home

Buy Natural Stone Slab in Toronto to Bring out the Natural Beauty of Your Home

When designing your kitchen you may not think of stone surfaces right away, but a natural stone slab can give your kitchen a polished, luxurious look. If your kitchen is in need of a renovation, or if you're starting fresh, you have some serious thinking to do regarding kitchen countertops. While some factors like cost and resale value will affect your decision making, there are many other pieces to the puzzle that will determine your choices. Personal tastes and preference, kitchen trends and styles, practicality and usability; these are just some of the many dynamics involved in choosing the right kitchen countertops in your Toronto home. With so many options available, from classic marble to modern stone slabs, you’ll be sure to find the look you desire for your kitchen space.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

Marble adds an air of luxury and glamour to anyone's home, and definitely has the ability to spice up one’s kitchen. It is elegant and timeless, known worldwide for its beautiful veining that makes each piece a work of art in its own right. It generally withstands high heats and is therefore recommended for those who frequently bake in their kitchens. However, marble is prone to staining, scratching, and chipping, even when sealed. Therefore, it is not always ideal for kitchen countertops.

Go Granite

Granite comes in a variety of shades that range from darker to lighter tones and hues with unique veining. The stones can be either classic uniform colours and patterns or a modern mix of exotic shades. Granite countertops are not only beautiful, they’re also sturdy and can withstand heat, cuts, and other wear and tear. Most granite needs resealing every so often to prevent staining, as well as solid cabinet boxes that won't buckle under the weight of the stone.


Quartz isn't just a birthstone, it’s also a great countertop material for your kitchen. Quartz surfacing is created out of coloured quartz chips and resin. Those who have quartz kitchens love that it brings together the beauty of natural stone with the ease of solid surfacing. Man-made quartz (also known as engineered quartz) gives buyers plenty to choose from with rich colours, textures, and patterns. Natural quartzite is created through a combination of heat and pressure on sandstone that crystallizes over time and can be more durable than granite.

Be In the Limestone!

Limestone is both sturdy and stunning as a stone countertop in your kitchen. It adds value to any kitchen and has great heat-resistant capabilities. It is generally cheaper but does scratch easier than marble and other natural stones. It comes in pale shades of white or sand with a marble-like appearance. Professional cooks and chefs prefer it to other stones since it matches nicely with stainless steel crockery and appliances. Limestone is made out of shells and fossils that were shaped and hardened over time, which is the reason for each piece’s one-of-a-kind look. Consider buying natural stone slab for your next Toronto home renovation project.