Buy Marble Slabs for Your Toronto Home

Do You Want to Buy Marble Slabs for Your Toronto Home?

Toronto is renowned worldwide for being beautiful and clean, but it's also known for its harsh winter. Any Torontonian worth his/her salt knows there's nothing better than getting out of the freezing cold and into a warm, beautiful home. This is why the look of your house is so important; and there are few things that rival the beauty and elegance of marble.

Marble Kitchens

There's something to be said about a well-designed kitchen space that brings the family together and completes your house. All too often, people decorate their kitchens around fancy expensive appliances and overlook their countertops, sometimes opting for the cheapest viable option. Homeowners should know that when looking to re-sell, marble countertops can bring more value to the table than dated appliances that must be lugged around from house to house or thrown out. Beyond added value, they also bring an element of luxury and artistry to one's kitchen and give the room a polished look. The fact that marble has high heat resistance also makes it ideal, but try to use trivets and mats beneath hot crockery to extend its life. Since it is a porous stone, one must make sure to seal the marble and reapply surface sealer once or twice a year. This applies to marble installations anywhere in your house, whether it’s marble flooring, marble bathrooms, or marble tables.

Marble Flooring

Marble tiles and slabs also make beautiful flooring options and add glamour and drama to the entrance of your home. While marble floors bring a sense of richness to your home, one should be very careful with them as they can be quite slippery. Floor slipperiness is quantified by coefficient of friction, which determines the amount of force it takes to move something over a surface. Many polished marble floors have a lower coefficient of friction and should be avoided when wet. More coefficient of friction means a less slippery floor. It is therefore recommended to use a honed, tumbled, or brushed marble tile/slab if there are kids around, as those surfaces offer more traction and are less likely to cause slipping. At the end of the day you want a floor that works as a floor, not an art installation.

Marble Bathrooms

Marble bathrooms can be beautiful if installed correctly by professionals. Make sure you contract a specialized marble fabricator to install your marble tiles or slabs as seamlessly as possible in bathrooms or any other room in the house. Marble bathrooms require upkeep and maintenance just like any other marble installations. You should clean your marble with a gentle solution using pH neutral cleaners made for stone and avoid using any cleaning products with acids or strong coloured dyes. Also, be sure to squeegee the marble after each use to keep its lustre and polish.

All together, marble is an investment that never goes out of style and has great resale value. It is not only aesthetically appealing, it’s also practical, making it the perfect mix of beauty and brains! Be sure to consider buying marble slabs in your Toronto home renovation project.