Buy Marble Slabs GTA: Why You Should be Mad for Marble

Buying Marble Slabs in the GTA

A renovation is the perfect opportunity to turn your house into your dream home. Some of us dream of Georgian mansions, some of high-rise penthouse suites, and some of the perfect vanity or kitchen countertop. When following through with your renovation plans, it’s important to budget accordingly so you can set your dreams of the perfect house in stone!

The Natural Beauty of Stone

Stone adds the perfect finishing touch to any home, no matter how big or small. Two popular natural stones are marble and granite. They are loved for their unique patterns and beautiful colour options. Both have high heat resistant properties (marble less so than granite) and both are prone to staining and chipping. Granite can be tougher than marble and requires less upkeep, making it ideal for kitchens whereas marble shines in the bathroom. Granite and marble have left their mark across history, known for their diversity and beauty in art and architecture. The slabs and tiles are quarried from mountain ranges all over the world and are available in a variety of different finishes, sizes, and colours.

Granite vs. Marble

Granite is stronger and more durable than marble and is able to resist stains from most acidic foods. Both should be cleaned with gentle, non-acidic soaps, as both are porous and the acids will change the colour of the marble. If spilling occurs, clean the area immediately by blotting liquids with towels. Marble needs resealing once or twice a year whereas granite only needs resealing once every other year. Granite is great for the outdoors while marble requires special sealants.

How to Tell the Difference between Granite and Marble

Granite and marble may seem similar, but upon closer inspection they have contrasting properties. Granite is comprised of tiny stones (quartz, feldspar, biotite mica, and even amphibole) that give it its sparkle and vast range of colour. Granite tends to be naturally glossier than marble, but marble can be sealed with a high-gloss finish to get a similar effect. Marble, on the other hand, is usually available in off-white, cream, grey, and beige hues with darker veining throughout. The veins in marble come from mineral impurities that develop into lines with time. Rare marbles come in pale pinks and greens and can fetch a high price point as they are coveted for their uncommon colouring.

Buying Stones

When you are ready to buy your stone slabs or tiles, make sure that you don't choose your stone based off a small picture or sample tile. A whole slab can have lots of different colours and patterns that are not captured or represented in samples, and the difference can actually shock you when your order arrives at your house completely unlike what you had imagined. For example, this picture below shows two granite samples that are actually cut from the same slab as seen in the background.

When you want to buy marble slabs in the GTA, make sure you do your research and stay well informed. By making the right purchase, you too can be mad for your marble!