Buy Granite or Marble Slab to Add Sophistication to Your GTA Home

Buy granite or marble slab to transform an ordinary space into a focal point in homes throughout the GTA. Keep reading to find out more!
Any home renovation in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is beautifully enhanced by the addition of a granite or marble slab. These natural materials offer a lifetime of durable function as well as the ability to transform an ordinary space into the focal point of your home.
Granite and marble are natural stones which have been used widely in art and architecture throughout history. The Red Pyramid is one of the most awe-inspiring architectural uses of granite which may still be observed near Cairo in Northern Egypt – a testament to beauty and durability. A granite slab may contain feldspar, quartz and occasionally other minerals such as biotite mica and amphibole. The unpredictable composition of variegated granite results in the rock’s veiny and speckled appearance, making every slab unique and impossible to replicate. Customers love the fact that their granite slab reflects their personality and taste and cannot be found in any other home.
Marble is a rock which results from the metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks and is typically composed of calcite. Marble is found all over the world but notable varieties come from the West of Ireland, India, Italy and North America. A slab of marble is capable of taking a very high polish, making it a highly desirable countertop material and a symbol of refined taste in any home.
While both materials are heat resistant, granite is much more resistant to acidic foods and general abrasions, and less prone to chipping, scratches and stains. A granite slab is available in a very large format making it an excellent option for kitchen islands and countertops, while marble slabs also work beautifully in bathrooms as part of vanities, bath tubs, shower walls and flooring. A granite slab offers the further advantage of being impossible to crack due to its diamond-like hardness. Additionally, once it is sealed bi-annually, a granite slab is extremely low maintenance and may be cleaned with just warm water, commercial detergent and a clean cloth. It is important to immediately clean up spills from marble surfaces due to its softer, more porous nature. However, its luxuriousness makes it an excellent choice for formal, less trafficked areas of the home.

How to Distinguish Granite from Marble

Granite usually consists of a variety of colours with a crystalline appearances, whereas marble is a more homogenous stone, generally available in one solid colour. When choosing a colour for your granite slab, it is very important to visit a showroom to appreciate the incredible variety in pattern and colour which may exist in one full block of granite. Inspecting samples may be misleading to the customer as they may not be representative, as the pattern and colour may not be evenly distributed throughout the entire slab.

Affordable and Sophisticated

A granite and marble slab was, until recently, outside the budget of many homeowners in the GTA. However, developments in technology, including improved extraction methods, has made granite and marble for use in countertops, flooring and other elements more widely available and affordable. This is good news for the discerning homeowner or designer in the GTA looking to add natural and sophisticated elements to a home renovation.