Why GTA Homeowners Should Learn All About Granite Slabs

Keep reading to learn all about granite slabs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)!


Granite Slabs in the GTA

Granite slabs in the GTA are a popular material when remodelling both interior and exterior residential or commercial properties.  It is an extremely durable material that is lauded for both its physical beauty and its ability to be easily manipulated by skilled and trusted fabricators, stonemasons and fitters.   When selecting granite as your material of choice, what are some of the common questions and facts associated with the product particularly when it comes to residential installation and maintenance?

Granite Slab Installation and Maintenance

Some of the questions associated with this product are quite straight forward, but nonetheless very important to know before settling on it as a preferred material to remodel or renovate with.  The following are some of the most pertinent questions associated with granite top kitchen installations.

Can I cut on my granite top and is it easy to damage?

You may cut if you wish on a granite top but because of its density and durability, it is likely to dull your blades and it is always recommended to use a chopping board as it is more hygienic.  In terms of the damage, it is able to take quite a bit of abuse. Obviously, if you apply enough force to anything, you can damage it. But granite is very resilient and it would take quite a large show of force to chip it.

Can I set hot appliances and pots on its surface?

Granite is extremely heat resistant due to how it is formed from igneous rock formations.  Any hot appliances, pots or pans left upon its surface will do no damage as it would take an extremely high heat to damage it.

Can granite cantilever? Does it have pits or fissures?

It is always recommended to have support underneath granite if a significant amount of weight is going to be exerted upon it.  Granite is quite strong and durable, but to ensure there are no mishaps, always have it supported.  Granite does have pits and fissures as they are part of the materials natural appearance, these may be sealed using either a resin with hydro-repellent or a resin with epoxy, as both of these techniques will extend the life of the slab.

Will granite seams show?

Granite is mined in slabs from a quarry so it is very likely there will be seams.  It is never a large concern though as the natural beauty of the rock generally over-rides any concerns about seams.

Do granite slabs need maintenance?

Granite is very good at maintaining its natural complexion and is as stain resistant as most stone materials.  It is recommended that upon installation, the granite is sealed to ensure its protection.   Cleaning the granite countertop is an easy affair as you can use specially formulated AGM daily granite cleaner or a mild phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dish-soap, soap flakes or powder which contains no aromatics.  Give the surface a thorough rinse and then dry it.  Keep in mind that just using regular soap and water can dull the counters finish over time.  If you use a granite cleaner, let it sit for 30 seconds or so and then wipe clean using a soft cloth.
If you still feel like you don’t know all about granite slabs in the GTA, contact a top distributor today and get ALL of your questions answered. An informed purchase is the best purchase!