Affordable Porcelain Slabs: A Popular Choice for GTA Homeowners

Renovating the home is always a fun and exciting project for GTA homeowners.  From small fixer uppers to larger renovations, building a dream home is an experience like no other. While thrilling, the cost of a renovation can be daunting, especially when it comes to purchasing high-quality slabs to be used for kitchen countertops that can withstand years of heavy use.  That is why GTA homeowners would be wise to consider affordable porcelain slabs for their kitchen countertops.  Less expensive than natural stones such as granite or Italian marble, porcelain slabs will catch eyes in the kitchen while still keeping dollars in your pocket.

How Are Porcelain Slabs Made?

Porcelain, unlike natural stones such as granite or marble, is a man-made product.  With fairly recent advancements in technology, large slabs of porcelain are now available for homeowners to use for a seamless, grout-free look when used as kitchen countertops and even floor paving or wall paneling. With porcelain slabs, tiles are a thing of the past.  Made with a combination of natural clays and minerals, porcelain slabs can withstand years of heavy use and will not deteriorate from wear and moisture.

What Makes Porcelain Slabs So Durable?

One of the benefits of porcelain being man-made is that it is engineered to be extremely durable and resilient. Porcelain will not wear away like softer natural stones such as marble will. It is even 30% harder than granite.  Due its virtually non-porous nature, porcelain slabs will not crack because they do not absorb moisture and better yet, to the relief of homeowners everywhere, will not stain! No wonder porcelain slabs make a great option for kitchen countertops.

A Variety of Colours and Textures

Porcelain slabs come in a variety of colours and textures. Because it is man-made, homeowners can choose from a multitude of styles and even find porcelain slabs that emulate the look of finer natural stones, such as marble.  Porcelain slabs used as kitchen countertops can have the elegant look of a marble countertop without its softness and tendency to stain.


Porcelain slabs do not require much maintenance at all when compared to natural stones.  Natural stones require sealants because they are porous, whereas porcelain slabs are non-porous and will not absorb stains, therefore it will not require any chemical sealants. Liquids such as wine, juice, coffee, and vinegar would definitely stain a natural stone countertop while porcelain slab countertops won’t stain at all and only requires a damp cloth for cleaning. While mild detergents can be used to clean porcelain slabs, it is not always necessary and a quick wipe with a wet cloth will do fine. Considering the long-term upkeep and maintenance costs for a kitchen countertop, GTA homeowners are sure to see the cost-effective benefits of affordable porcelain slabs over natural stone.