The Benefits and Advantages of Affordable Porcelain Slabs in Toronto Homes

When looking for an eye-catching kitchen countertop with a beautiful seamless design that can withstand years of heavy use, Toronto homeowners are wise to go with affordable porcelain slabs. Less expensive and stronger than natural stone and available in a multitude of colours and textures, porcelain slabs are, unsurprisingly, rising in popularity. Thanks to recent advancements in manufacturing technology, porcelain is not contained to tile sizes anymore but is now manufactured as slabs also. Due to the resilience of the material and its sheer size, porcelain slabs are a great, cost-effective choice for kitchen countertops, and more.

Benefits of Porcelain

Granite, marble and other natural stones have always been popular with homeowners, yet the benefits and advantages of porcelain are, arguably, greater than its naturally produced counterparts.  From a variety of elegant styles, durability to ultimately the cost, a porcelain slab can make homeowners happier in ways that natural stone could not.

Durability and Resilience

A man-made product, porcelain slabs are made using natural minerals and a blend of clays. Porcelain is up to 30% harder than granite and less porous than natural stone. This means that porcelain is more resilient and protective against scratches and chips and will not allow any moisture to absorb into the porcelain, which could cause stains or, worse, cracks.

Elegant Appearance

Because it is man-made, a porcelain slab can be manufactured in many colours and textures and can even be made to emulate natural stones such as marble, without the delicateness of the natural stone and its tendency to stain.  Because of its resilience and ability to withstand years of high-usage, porcelain slab is being used in and around Toronto homes in more ways than just as a kitchen countertop.

Multiple Ways to Use Porcelain Slab

Due to its sheer size, a slab of porcelain can be custom cut into a variety of shapes and styles and can be used for more applications than ever before.

In the Kitchen

A slab of porcelain would naturally be a great choice for a kitchen counter because of its resilient durability and low, non-absorbent porosity. Stains and chips are a thing of the past with a porcelain slab kitchen countertop.

In the Shower

A porcelain slab used as shower surrounds, or walls, make a great choice for a seamless look in the shower. Not only does the homogenous look of a solid slab of porcelain look great as walls, but also homeowners need not worry about re-grouting tiles or keeping up with any maintenance.

In Patios and Backyards

Since porcelain is durable, less porous and more non-absorbent than natural stones, it is a confident option for homeowners to use as paving or flooring in the backyard or on a patio. Porcelain will not crack due to moisture since it is non-absorbent and will not deteriorate from heavy usage.
Discover how affordable porcelain slab can increase the value and beauty of your home in Toronto.