The Rising Popularity of Affordable Porcelain Slab in GTA Homes

Thanks to fairly new and advanced technology, homeowners in the GTA can enjoy the beautiful elegance, cleanliness and long-lasting durability of porcelain slab in their home now in more ways than ever before. As porcelain tiles have always been a top choice for kitchen and bathroom applications, the larger slab format is slowly becoming popular for both residential and commercial applications due to its limitless capabilities.  Less expensive, more durable and longer lasting than natural stones such as marble or granite, and just as, if not more, beautiful, it is no wonder affordable porcelain slab is  making their way into more and more GTA homes.

Why Choose Porcelain Slab?

Homeowners often hear of the luxurious and unique qualities of natural stones such marble or granite.  Then why are GTA homeowners choosing porcelain slab? Well, first of all, a porcelain slab is not only less expensive, available in a variety of colours and textures but can even emulate the unique look of natural stones. Porcelain slabs can be designed to have a marble or granite look to achieve the natural unique designs of these natural stones without the price tag. Not only will a porcelain slab save you more money right off the bat, it will save you in the long term on maintenance and repair.

Different Installations for Porcelain Slab

Since it is large enough to be cut into a number of shapes and sizes, porcelain slab can be used for a number of uses in the home or commercial property such as:
  • Kitchen Countertop
  • Vanity Tops
  • Table Tops
  • Shower Surrounds
  • Wall Applications
  • Ceilings Applications
  • Garden Paving
  • Patio flooring

The Resilience of Porcelain Slab

Porcelain is less porous than natural stones meaning it is non-absorbent and does not stain, making it a great choice for the kitchen and bathroom. It is so resilient; porcelain can even be used outdoors. With its low porosity, porcelain slab installed outdoors will not absorb water from rainfall, which could lead to cracks. Made of a mix of fine-grain clays and other natural minerals, porcelain is highly resistant to moisture, staining and damages caused from heavy-duty use. Porcelain’s hardness is advantageous when slabs are used for flooring or paving. Up to 30% harder than granite, porcelain can withstand years of foot traffic and wear and tear. The quality and durability of porcelain slab is the most durable surface for a floor.

Environmentally Friendly

In contrast to natural stones that require sealants, waxes, epoxies, artificial colours or other chemical binders, a porcelain slab is a great choice for those looking for a green and environmentally-friendly option in their GTA home.  Porcelain is made with natural ingredients and many manufacturers produce porcelain under closed-loop water systems recycling up to 100% of water reducing any waste during the manufacturing process. For use as a counter or table top in the kitchen, affordable porcelain does not require sealing and keeps its polished appearance after years of heavy use.