Buying Affordable Natural Stone Slab for Your Toronto Home

Many homeowners desire the best quality of building supplies for their house, and affordable natural stone slabs are the preference in Toronto. All natural stone is beautiful in its own way, however beauty is only the beginning of a long list of characteristics you should look for when purchasing natural stone fixtures. The selling point of any stone should come down to your own preferences and lifestyle choices, but these factors will undeniably come into play.


The durability of natural stone comes down to a simple inquiry, is it a soft stone or a hard stone? Contractors easily throw around these terms and building supply warehouses, however they are important to understand. The hardness level of stone is dependent on a scale called MOHS (measure of hardness scale), which ranges all minerals from talc to diamonds.  For example, marble is considered a soft stone as it falls low on the scale, usually between a 3 to 4. This means that the stone is more prone to scratches and scuffs, and relatively easier to damage. However, this also means that it is easier to work with, so it can be curved at cut with less damage to the stone.
Granite is harder to damage, being placed in the 6 to 7 on the MOHS scale. This means that it can go through more hard use and is much harder to damage. However, this also means that if it does get damaged, it will chip or crack, and be much harder to repair. 


Regardless of type, any natural stone will require more maintenance than synthetic man made materials. Stone is generally easier to damage than synthetics, and also can be dangerous when chipped or cracked. Soft and porous stones will require the most cleaning and care, as they are likely to absorb moisture and harbour bacteria. These stone types will require a high-quality sealant to ensure absorption does not take place, and likely reapplication will be necessary if the stone deals with heavy use. Marble, granite, and poured concrete items are considered to be in this category. Other stone options like slate require very little additional maintenance outside of routine cleaning and inspection.

An Affordable Investment

In general, the purchase of natural stone as an addition to your house can be thought of as an investment. Beyond the beauty and luxury of having natural stone in the house, it offers a wide array of other financial benefits. Stone additions will outlast synthetic materials, as it is naturally harder and more durable than its counterparts. In the kitchen, plastic laminate is the inexpensive alternative to stone. However, the savings in price do not benefit the home in any way; it is less durable, harder to keep clean and attractive, and can easily warp. Though stone may seem like an investment at the time, with proper care, an affordable natural stone addition can stay beautiful for hundreds of years.
Like all additions to the home, you must consider both the pros and the cons. The addition of natural stone slabs is a luxurious investment, however affordable, and it is important to keep in mind that it will benefit the house long after you leave it. The type of stone you invest in will ultimately depend on your lifestyle. Are you able to routinely clean and sanitize the rock, or do you need something more busy lifestyle friendly? Whichever you choose, affordable natural stone slab can satisfy Toronto homeowners for years to come.