The Benefits of Affordable Marble Slabs in the Kitchen or bathroom in Toronto

Marble has been a highly desirable natural stone ever since ancient artists discovered its beautiful and malleable qualities, and now modern appreciators of marble have found every reason to add its beauty into their kitchens and bathrooms in Toronto. Though you may not have Michelangelo’s Pieta in your house, adding  marble slabs or tiles fixtures can give rooms a timeless artistic quality. Marble is a soft stone however, and homeowners should be well informed of the stone’s characteristics before investing in its beauty, regardless of how affordable.

Kitchen Uses

Marble is one of the most desirable natural stones to use in the kitchen, specifically to be used as a countertop. Marble is a considered a soft stone, meaning it is more pliable than its counterparts. This is highly desirable if your kitchen design features non-rectangular countertops or curved edges, as marble will be able to withstand the craftwork needed to round the stone. This cannot be said for many others like granite, that has hard stone qualities and may chip or crack when being worked with.
Another advantage of marble in the kitchen is its ability to transfer heat. Marble is essentially heat resistant, so when cooking and baking it is the most referable stone to have around; the stone can actually take on so much heat it is known to be pretty well fireproof.  Professional bakers demand that they have marble slabs available to work with warm materials. With proper care, a marble countertop can long withstand tens or hundreds of years of kitchen activity.

Bathroom Uses

Marble is equally desirable in bathroom construction and design, if not more so. As noted, marble can withstand any level of heat mankind can make. In turn, bathroom styling appliances can be left on for long periods of time without damaging countertops. Other heat sources like heated flooring or steam emerging from showers will also have no effect on the stone.
Marble is also undeniably timeless and beautiful, and comes in any array of color. Because marble is naturally sourced, there is no single predominant color of stone or color of veins that run through it. The color is dependent on the source of the stone, and the veins dependent on the impurities in the rock. Its visual beauty is also enhanced by constant wear, as the stone will develop a natural patina, or a thin layer of discoloration. Regular bathroom use such as showers and faucets may create a layer of this patina where water is constantly flowing, but it is a beautiful and normal effect. Patina may cause some problems for owners who want their stone perfectly coloured at all time, but outside of North America, it is a desired characteristic. 
With adequate care and routine cleaning, the use of marble in kitchens and bathrooms can be an affordable  addition to the home. The natural stone, be in it slabs or tiles, will withstand a life’s worth of use and wear down. Marble slabs will continue to be a strong investment into your Toronto home, and your life.