A Guide to Choosing Affordable Granite Slabs in the GTA

Choosing Affordable Granite Slabs in the GTA

Natural granite slabs are like a piece of art; every one is different, distinctively beautiful, with deep layers of colour and pattern: from the traditional to the exotic. This durable, elegant stone can define a room, add value to your home and is the number one choice for a kitchen countertop. The Toronto area has several sources for granite surfaces. However, it’s important to know what to look for and how to choose affordable granite slabs in the GTA.

Find a Reputable Source

Find a reputable, quality source for your granite – a company with an established track record. You do not want to try to skimp on granite, as you may get sold an inferior or thin piece. Find a show room that gives you a good range of products. Look for a company that specializes in natural stones and knows their product well.

Granite Makes a Statement

A granite countertop is going to be the first thing that people notice upon entering a kitchen, so, consider what tone you want to set. Do you want dramatic swirls, soft shading or a traditional look? The varieties of colouring differ with each slab, ranging from:
  • rich amber
  • lavenders
  • deep greens
  • creamy white, grey and beige
  • iron red
  • exotic blues
  • speckled blacks
Besides kitchen countertops, granite can also be used for backsplashes, bathroom vanities, kitchen islands and around fireplaces.

Picking the Perfect Slab

As no two pieces are the same, it’s important to look at the whole slab, rather than just a small sample that may not be representative of the entire piece. Being a natural stone, granite has a wide variety of  patterns based on its mineral composition. The sample piece is most likely part of a bigger slab that has already been sold. So, even though a sample can give you a good idea of the tone and style you are looking for, you will want to look at a variety of individual slabs to find the perfect piece.
The price of affordable granite will vary depending on where the granite has come from (transportation costs), how rare the colour is and the cost of labour required to extract the stone from its particular granite quarry.

What Kind of Finish?

Granite can be glossy and reflective, or honed.  According to Better Homes and Gardens,  a honed surface has a softer, matte look.  However, a honed finish may need more care.  Granite that is used for flooring is often "roughened” a bit, so it’s not too slippery underfoot.

Finding a Fabricator

After you have picked your perfect piece of granite, you will need to find a fabricator. The fabricator is a stone cutting expert who will cut and install your granite surface. Generally, your contractor or kitchen specialist will have a fabricator they like to deal with. Most reputable granite retailers will not sell a slab of granite to a contractor but only the experienced fabricator.
The right piece of affordable granite can make a bold or quiet statement about your personal taste. Searching out granite slabs in the GTA that are distinctly you is an art in itself.