Find Affordable Granite Slab in Toronto: Choosing Is Half the Fun!

Finding the Perfect Granite Slab in Toronto: Choosing Is Half the Fun!

Nothing says luxurious permanence quite like granite. The artisanal, natural stone is well known for its durability, versatility and beauty. Although granite can be used in a variety of designs, from flooring, to walls, to surrounding fireplaces, it is the most popular choice for kitchen countertops. Here is a guide to finding the perfect and affordable granite slab in Toronto.

What Is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock formed deep below the earth’s surface, from slowly cooling molten rock or magma. Quarries of granite have been supplying builders for thousands of years; the Red Pyramid of Egypt is built from granite with a crimson hue. Granite is one of the strongest stones found on Earth, which is why the most prized curling stones are made of granite. With everyday use, granite is stain resistant, heat resistant and antimicrobial (perfect for making pastry on). That said, you shouldn’t put a hot pot on a granite countertop, as you may be putting it directly on a seam or fissure.

Choosing a Slab

No two pieces of granite are alike.  Each piece has a distinct pattern, made up of various minerals. Think of granite as an abstract painting, a large canvas of swirling colours and hues. Some patterns have fine grains that make them look more homogenous, while others have dramatic shifts in colour and tone. When you look closely, you can often see specks of gold or small crystals. Granite comes in an array of colours, with varieties of:
  • greys
  • blacks
  • blues
  • beiges
  • greens
  • crimson
Before choosing your granite, it is very important to look at the whole slab, and not just a small sample. Granite is a natural material, with a wide variety of fluctuations. A small sample may not be representative of the whole piece. Indeed, the sample probably comes from a slab that has already been sold. New shipments of granite will be arriving, so, if you don’t find your perfect piece, keep looking.

Think About the Placement of Your Slab

Consider how your granite slab is going to be placed. If you are picking a piece to be used for a countertop, where is the sink going to go? Right in the middle of your favourite swirl? If you are using the piece for flooring, make sure the part of the slab’s design that you love is going to be visible.

How to Care for Granite

Even though affordable granite is extremely durable, like every surface, it still needs TLC to maintain its natural beauty for years to come. To start, granite should be properly sealed at least once a year. For everyday care, Martha Stewart recommends cleaning spills as soon as possible, especially wine or acidic liquids, such as lemon juice or vinegar. Never use ammonia based cleaners, which can strip the finish; rather use a gentle cleanser such as a mild dishwashing soap and water, or a specially formulated granite or stone cleaner. Never chop directly on the surface, as it may scratch over time.
Affordable granite is a beautiful, natural, distinct surface that will enrich your home for years to come. Searching out your perfect granite slab in Toronto is half the fun.