Why Using Affordable Granite Slab in the GTA Will Benefit You

Although granite is a high-end product, it is also affordable. Read on to find out more!

What Is Granite?

In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), granite slab has become increasingly popular and for good reason. The word "granite” comes from the Latin word "grain”, used to describe the grainy pattern most granite surfaces have. The stone can be found in Europe, Africa, South America, and other mineral-rich regions of the world. Granite is typically a type of igneous rock made up of quartz, mica, and feldspar. It is granular, crystalline and very hard, making it an ideal asset in the home. For the most part, granite slab is white, pink, or grey, but is enormously unique and can come in many different shades, patterns, and shapes. While granite has been used as a building material throughout history, it has become a highly sought-after material for residential homes in the past few decades. The combination of beautiful aesthetics, and functionality has made it the perfect choice when picking out bar tops, kitchen islands and countertops, tabletops, and bathroom vanities.

Why Granite Slab Is Desirable

As previously stated, granite is extremely dense, making it difficult to scratch the surface, and promotes longevity of the surface. It is safe to cut on, child proof, and will hold up against the wear and tear of time. Marble is another great option when considering a countertop, however granite is slightly harder, and therefore more resistant to chips and lacerations. This makes a granite surface sanitary, as bacteria will not collect in pores and scratches. Granite tops are most often found in kitchens and bathrooms where sanitation is a high priority.
Granite is very heat resistant. This is ideal for a kitchen setting as heat will not alter or warp the surface due to the temperature. It is even possible to place a hot pot, griddle, fryer, or toaster oven on the countertop. Similarly, in a bathroom you could place a hot hair tool on the vanity without worrying about damage. In order to avoid having the surface been cold, it is possible to install a warming system under the countertop in order to regulate the temperature of the surface for an added touch of luxury.
Another reason to consider granite slab in your home is its resistance to stains. While it does require a sealer to the surface, which should be maintained over time, granite does not absorb liquids. When compared to marble in this case, granite is again the better option as it is not sensitive to substances like acidic liquids the way marble is. Therefore, it will easily preserve its colour and pattern despite the normal wear and tear a countertop will typically endure, with very minimal maintenance required.
Although granite is a high-end product, it is also affordable. When shopping four your granite slab in Toronto or the GTA, keep size and shape in mind to best select a colour and pattern for your home. Since every piece of granite is unique, ensure you are educated on what the required treatment of your chosen surface is. In addition to affordability, it is known that having granite slab in your home in Toronto and the GTA can add significant resale value to your home.