Affordable Granite and Marble Slabs in Toronto

Gathering Information about Affordable Granite and Marble Slabs in Toronto

Torontonians are crazy about renovating. Conversations at social events often revolve around what improvements people are making to their homes. Whether it’s a small repair or a gut job, homeowners want to talk about what they are doing and how. They like to compare ideas, methods and contacts. Of course, before embarking on any kind of home improvement project, it’s important to be informed. Always a hot topic is kitchen renovations. You can’t talk about kitchen renovations without discussing countertops and two of the most popular surfaces; granite and marble.  This takes us to some tips on how to source affordable granite and marble slabs in Toronto. Here’s a primer:

When and Where to Use Granite or Marble

Using natural stone in a home makes a statement. Stone draws attention to its quality, permanence and beauty. How and where to use natural stone should be considered carefully. Installing granite or marble is an investment, adding value to a home for generations to come. Granite is one of the strongest stones available. When properly sealed, granite is resistant to stains and heat, though some caution should be used. It’s also antimicrobial, which makes it a perfect surface for kitchen countertops. Granite can also be used for flooring, around fireplaces and in bathrooms or a signature table top. Elegant marble is equally versatile, though it is a softer, more porous stone, making it more susceptible to wear. Some owners find this an advantage, as worn pieces of marble can add warmth to a room.

Choosing a Slab

When you are considering using marble or granite in your home, visit a show room of a reputable, established company that specializes in natural stone.  You’ll want to a see a variety of large samples that can showcase the unique beauty of affordable granite and marble. While you may be thinking about the traditional salt and pepper look of granite or the soft, warm hues of marble, picking the right piece of natural stone can be like picking a piece of art. There are so many colours and patterns to choose from. In granite, there are:
  • deep exotic blues
  • iron reds
  • sage greens
  • rich ambers
Marble offers more muted hues in creamy whites, pinks, greys and beiges.  Every slab of natural stone is different, with its own distinct veining, swirls or patterning. You may want to build a room around your chosen piece. That’s why it is so important, after considering the type of stone you want, that you see the actual slab you are purchasing.

Considering Finishes

Stone can be finished in a few different ways, from high gloss for a gleaming countertop to a rougher texture for flooring. Another option, according to Better Homes and Gardens,  is having a honed surface, which is more of a matte or eggshell finish. This type of finish may take a little more care, needing to be resealed more often, but has a lovely, casual look.
Picking out affordable granite and marble slabs in Toronto can be like sourcing that great work of art, adding to the conversation for years to come.