The Advantages of Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles

Ceramic floor and wall tiles offer many benefits to those who install them. Not only are they a cost effective addition to a home, but they are also quite beautiful, long lasting and durable against most wear and tear. It is considered cost effective because of the great value that it provides to homeowners. It is also very versatile, able to be placed on the floor, walls and even the ceiling and comes in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and designs. Ceramic floor and wall tiles are perfect for your next upgrade.

Easy Maintenance

While the majority of floor and wall tiles do require some minor maintenance, ceramic tiles come just about as close as possible to beig maintenance-free. It does require application of sealant every four years and needs regular cleaning as any surface would require. The installation of grout ensures that tiles are waterproof and even under extreme spray will prevent any water, moisture, or other leaching.

They Adapt to Most Situations

No matter what you need a tile for; there is an option for it. You are truly only limited by your imagination. Floor and wall tiles are perfect for the bathroom, a kitchen floor or backsplash, around a fireplace or in a foyer. The adaptability of tile has been well used in Europe as many rooms in the home prominently feature these versatile products – in some cases, entire homes have tiles to help with keeping the home cooler in warm temperatures.


Incredible Value

The value of a tile is incredibly cost effective, as dollar for dollar the longevity, durability and resistance is significantly higher than any other product. Ceramic floor and wall tiles requiring little maintenance and small upkeep costs contribute even more to its value. While other square-footage material generally decreases in value within a decade of installation, tiles retain their value well into a half century or longer.


Installation is also another major benefit of floor and wall tiles as it is incredibly easy to install. The general setup only requires basic preparation of the area, measuring the space, installing the tile and finally, grouting the product to a beautiful finish. After the initial learning curve, even the most novice of people can easily lay over 100 square feet of tile in a day.
The benefits of floor and wall tiles are immense. Ranging from the ease of installation, the value they offer, the customization opportunities, their high adaptability to every situation, the minimal maintenance requirement and their exceptional value-retaining capabilities, tiles are a great investment for any room of the home and you can rest assured that they will create a sanctuary-like appearance that you will fall in love with.