Custom Granite, Marble and Quartzite in Vaughan can Transform a Home Interior

Custom Granite for Vaughan Home Upgrades


When building or renovating a home, there are certain simple material choices that are made that can change the entire look and feel of a certain room. One of these decisions is for countertop styles and the choice is usually an easy one.
Stone countertops are not only the classy choice, but they are customizable, and extremely long lasting. There are several types to choose from which all have different ranges of colour and surface finish.
Stone counters, floors, walls, or shingles all add sophistication and charm to a building and will impress everyone that walks by. Unlike its counterpart, stone does not go out of fashion and will not mark, chip, or breakdown. Stone becomes the obvious choice, but a lot depends on budget and whether or not a design can withstand the heavy nature of the material.

Stone Material Options and Characteristics

Marble/Limestone is commonly found in North America and comes in very earthy colours such as brown, beige, greys and whites. There are a few finishes offered which have different effects. There are buffed finishes which provide a shine and brilliance. There are smooth finishes, which is just a dull appearance with a smooth surface, and there are rough and ‘ancient' finishes.
Traditional and Exotic Granite
Traditional granite comes in darker earthy colours like blacks, browns, and dark blues. They also come in a few lighter shades such as beige and grey. The exotic granite comes in many more unique colours and styles such as blues, pinks, reds, and even some yellows. Most of the finishes for granite are buffed to a smooth shine.
Quartzite is a fascinating looking rock that comes in a variety of patterns and colours. The long process of metamorphism from sandstone to quartzite produces very beautifully unique and fashionable products. Swirls, distinct patterns, and molten lava, or bellowing smoke looks are some of the few that will surely impress its onlookers.

Why Choose Stone?

Stone finishings have been used for centuries and some ancient stone structures still stand to this day. The longevity of stone products is one of its best features, lasting for years and years. Stone products also repel heat very well, which goes well in the kitchen when dealing with hot pots and pans.
Choosing to go with stone can also increase the value of a home. It can offset the slightly higher cost compared to traditional countertops, and will maintain its value throughout its lifetime.
Stone dealers can help with the decision making process. They can match colours, work with budgets, and customize to fit any shape or size. Just bring in drawings and plans and let the professionals do the rest. Dealers also help get the heavy materials to the job site and can recommend the proper infrastructure to ensure the support is there to hold up the pieces.
So whether you choose custom granite for your Vaughan home or marble, or quartzite, you should consider natural stone for your next renovation and gain class, home value, and overall satisfaction with the ambiance of your surroundings.