Custom Granite Pieces Showcased in Oakville Homes

Custom Granite for Oakville Renovation Dreams
Their names could make a home renovator faint with desire. If you are a traditionalist, there is Black Galaxy, Ornamental, Tropical Brown and the elegance of Café Imperial. Then there are the exotic granites. Blue Baha is a deep tropical ocean blue that invites a plunge. Swirls of deep red run through Iron Red. Stormy Night resembles just that, with threatening whorls of dark cloud. Aquarella has shimmering liquid lines. Oasis features dark striations over a sand background. And Madagascar, with its dark granite and mysterious green, offers the thrills of Africa.
Granite. It is a home renovator's dream. Whether it is for a kitchen countertop or floor tiles, there is a colour to suit the décor of your home. The stone's vivacious colouration is naturally elegant and the variation in tone makes it endlessly appealing in any kind of light situation. Every piece is one of a kind. No pattern repeats, no colour is the same. Granite is unique.
Granite Is Also Practical
Granite is not just a pretty stone face. It is a durable material that is perfect for many home renovation uses. In kitchens, its heat and fire resistance makes it perfect; placing a hot pot on a granite counter will not cause damage or discolouration. It can be used as a cutting board because it doesn't scratch easily. Foreign substances can't penetrate the surface of granite and it is easily cleaned.
As flooring, that toughness of granite makes it suitable for high traffic areas of the house. Granite tiles are perhaps more practical than larger pieces. A blend of materials, they come in a huge variety of colours, patterns and styles. They're less costly than granite slabs, high quality, easy to install and replace, and are long lasting. As with granite countertops, the tiles are easy to maintain and are scratch and burn resistant. And because they are tiles, they are flexible enough to accommodate unusual-shaped areas.
Granite is costly, but it retains its value well. The investment you make will measurably increase the resale value of your home.
Are There Drawbacks to Granite?
No surface material is perfect. It is important to choose a high quality stone, because a lesser quality granite can chip, crack or break during its lifetime. The uniqueness of the colouration also means that it is virtually impossible to match tiles line for line – there is bound to be difference in colour and design and that should be seen as a plus.
Granite also requires care. It is easy to maintain but the surface is porous, which means that over time – if not sealed - spills can settle and change its appearance. It is often recommended that a sealant be used annual to protect the surface. The sealant will also help protect the stone against scarring from harsh cleaning materials. For the actual cleaning, it's as easy as using a clean cloth, warm water, and mild dish or hand soap.
Granite is a stone that goes on giving. It will enhance the home for generations. In fact, the hardest part of renovating your home with granite is going to be deciding between those alluring colours. Baja Blue or the mysterious green of Madagascar... What's it going to be? With custom granite pieces for your Oakville renovation, your design ideas are only limited by your imagination.